Rhythm Reading Bootcamp Volume 1: Rhythmic Fundamentals

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Rhythm Reading Bootcamp Volume 1: Rhythmic Fundamentals equips you with the core skills that you need to understand the fundamentals of rhythmic notation.

This easy-to-follow guide covers the following elements along with more than 40 exercises to test your rhythm reading skills:

• Basic notation symbols

• Whole, half, quarter, and eighth notes

• Rests

• How to alter basic note and rest values

• Tied notes




Reading notation on the bass guitar can seem like a daunting task, which is why such a high percentage of bassists avoid it altogether. The majority of my students come to me for help in improving their sight reading, and the one area that always seems to need the most work is understanding rhythm.

Most basslines that we’re required to play only involve a handful of pitches, but contain a seemingly infinite variety of rhythms, many of which look complicated and confusing at first. This is why it’s important to separate rhythm from pitch when you’re learning the basics of reading music.

The Rhythm Reading Bootcamp series offers a logical, structured path towards mastering the most common rhythmic figures that you’ll encounter as a bass player, with detailed explanations of notation and the same exercises that I’ve developed for my students over the last 12 years.

• Gain the skills required to break free from bass TAB and master basic rhythmic notation

• Learn how to effortlessly count and play common rhythmic figures

• Understand how to decode any time signature instantly

• Increase your rhythmic awareness to improve your basslines, improvisations, and compositions


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1 review for Rhythm Reading Bootcamp Volume 1: Rhythmic Fundamentals

  1. Erik Pietsch

    This book is an excellent resource for getting your rhythm reading together. It covers all the basics and even gets into exploring rests and ties which will surely trip you up if you’re not used to them. The accompanying YouTube playlist is wonderful as well so be sure to use it. Most importantly….go practice and have fun!!!!

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