Groove Of The Week #3 – Curtis Mayfield ‘Move On Up’

This week’s groove is all about one of the essential tenets of bass playing: consistency

Want a challenge? Try playing the syncopated,hypnotic bass line from Curtis Mayfield’s ‘Move On Up’ for 5 minutes straight whilst maintaining consistent articulation, note length and dynamic level. Harder than it sounds, right?

Curtis Mayfield Move On Up


  1. hey, great idea for a groove.
    one thing i noticed in the notation though, shouldn’t it be a D instead of a B the last note before it starts again? i.e. bar 4 of the repeated pattern. I was playing along the record and I can clearly hear a m3 over that Bm. Thanks a lot!

    1. Simon, you’re absolutely right, sloppy work from me! I’ve corrected the offending note and also fixed some other errors in bar 2 of the groove. Thanks for the heads up!

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