Better Bass Practice Resources

Below you’ll find direct links to all of the resources found at the end of each chapter of Better Bass Practice.

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(If you’re averse to lining the pockets of tax-dodging mega-corporations, then many of the products can be found at independent local retailers)

Chapter 1: Focusing The Distracted Mind


The Organized Mind by Daniel Levitin UK | US

Waking Up by Sam Harris UK | US

Tools of Titans by Tim Ferriss UK | US

The Power of Now by Eckhart Tolle UK | US

Wherever You Go, There You Are by John Kabat-Zinn UK | US


Video resources

How Multitasking Is Affecting the Way You Think Clifford Nass

How to Setup Your Smartphone to Minimise Distraction by Tristan Harris


Waking Up Guided meditation app by neuroscientist Sam Harris Android|iOS

Headspace Guided meditation Android|iOS

Forest Planting a pixelated shrub to stop you from checking your email every 30 seconds might seem absurd, but it works for me Android|iOS

Browser Plugins

Leechblock for Mozilla Firefox |Google Chrome

StayFocusd for Chrome

Kill Facebook News Feed Firefox|Chrome


Hootsuite Manage and post to multiple social media accounts from one place

Freedom Block websites and apps on your computer, tablet or mobile

RescueTime Track time spent on devices to improve productivity

Chapter 2: Fixing The Body


Becoming a Supple Leopard by Kelly Starrett UK | US

The Bassist’s Guide to Injury Management, Prevention and Better Health by Randall Kertz, DC  UK | US

Anatomy of Stretching by Brad Walker  UK | US

Video resources

Relax into Stretch by Pavel Tsatsouline


Chapter 4: Time Management


Deep Work by Cal Newport UK | US

The 7 Habits of Highly Effective People by Steven R. Covey UK | US





Chapter 5: Removing Obstacles

Hercules Guitar Wall Hangers UK | US

Vox Amplug Bass Headphone Amplifier UK | US

Chapter 7: Staying on Track


Daily Rituals by Mason Curry UK | US

The Daily Stoic by Ryan Holiday UK | US

The Art of Learning by Josh Waitzkin UK | US

The War of Art by Steven Pressfield UK | US

Getting Things Done by David Allen UK | US


The Tim Ferriss Show  Sure, he’s really quite annoying, but he does interview some extremely successful people and gets them to disclose their secrets to effectiveness; an absolute goldmine of information AND totally free.

Blog Posts

Austin Kleon’s 30-Day Challenge A free, downloadable PDF version of the ‘calendar method’.
The Habit Sheet My friend JB is not only a great drummer, but he’s also a certified NLP trainer who writes some very useful and insightful blogs. This is where the ‘habit sheet’ idea comes from.