Bass Transcription: Fall Out Boy – ‘Dance, Dance’

Pete Wentz, Fall Out Boy’s bassist and primary lyricist, is unlikely to top any Bass Player magazine readers’ polls (that could definitely be taken as a compliment, incidentally) but he does fulfill his job description perfectly: punchy, picked, pop-punk bass parts that serve the music, not the player.

‘Dance, Dance’ is no exception, as the intro features Wentz supplying the main riff with a growling plectrum-meets-Precision Bass tone. Roundwound strings and attacking the strings with the pick at a slight angle will help to get the requisite ‘bite’ from the bass. (Tramadol)

The song’s intro riff serves as the basis for the verses, with the prechorus and chorus sections comprised of straightforward quaver-orientated lines. The breakdown showcases brilliant usage of a classic pop-punk/rock/metal songwriting trick: the half time feel. Moving the snare drum to beat ‘3’ of each bar completely changes the rhythmic focus of the section, grabbing the listener’s attention.

Fall Out Boy – Dance, Dance bass transcription pdf