Confession time. This is my favourite ABBA song by a mile, mainly because of Rutger Gunnarsson’s superlative bass playing; everything he plays is a hook of some sort.

A strange concoction of baroque-infused disco, ‘Money, Money, Money’ was the follow up single to ‘Dancing Queen’, both taken from the absurdly popular 1976 Arrival album. The track reached number 1 in eight countries, but was one of the few ABBA singles not to top the charts in the UK.

Bass Transcription: ABBA – Money, Money, Money.pdf

Back to the main point of interest – the bass line. The bulk of the bass part in the verse and prechorus is comprised of constant quaver octaves, a disco bass playing staple. Things get more interesting as the song progresses – the tempo and meter changes at the end of the prechorus can be tricky to navigate, so those bars might need more attention than others.

I wrestled for a long time as to whether the bar before the chorus was a slightly rushed 5/4 or a laid-back 9/8. Prechorus 1 feels more like the former, while prechorus 2 seems to be the latter; you may well disagree.

During the first 8 bars of the chorus, the bass mirrors the vocal both rhythmically and melodically before venturing off into new territory with some ear-grabbing slides. The re-intro that follows the chorus features Rutger doubling the tune’s signature melody; semiquavers at 122bpm might take some practice.

As if this wasn’t enough, the last chorus is up a semitone in the nightmare key of Bb minor – watch out for all the flats!