Groove Of The Week #1: Joe Tex 'I Gotcha'

Joe Tex

Each week in 2015 I’ll be transcribing a different bass groove, including classic lines and more obscure selections. I’ve tried to pick parts that contain little or no variation and emphasise the challenge of holding down a consistent, relentless groove for a whole song.

The first Groove Of The Week is Joe Tex’s ‘I Gotcha’, one of my favourite lines of all time.

Joe Tex - I Gotcha

The part revolves around the Eb major pentatonic scale and uses various articulations (slides and hammer-ons) which results in a consistently smooth groove. I’m not 100% sure who played on the original, chances are it was either Mike Leech or Tommy Cogbill.

D’Angelo also recorded a version which appears on the outtakes from the Voodoo sessions, featuring the incredible Pino Palladino on bass:

Happy grooving!